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Hi, my 21 month old daughter had an invasive Haemophilus influenza infection which caused her get arteritis and have two tiny/small infarctions once in the left left globus pallidus and other in th...

My 9month old baby has been sick for the past 3 days now with fever(102 or below), alot of phlem, coughing, vomiting everytime i give her milk or try to give her childrens tylenol for the fever. I ...

I just learned about Shaken Baby Syndrome on the internet and I am paranoid that I may have given it to my child. I am a new parent (child 6 weeks old), and my child is very colicky and cries often...

My daughter had hand sanitizer she is 6 i m not sure if she drunken it or not the bottle was just opened .unsure how much she got hold of will this hurt her?

My 5 year old child swollowed a nickel what do i do

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