Chronic Pelvic Pain

After I was done having sex, I got sharp pains in my lower stomach it hurts to move! Also hurts when I need to go to the washroom! What is wrong with me? And what should I do?

I had an abnormal pap. Results were AGUS. I had a colposcopy a few days ago. I've had this pain inmy lower pelvic right side for about a month. It's only gotten worse. It hurts to lift my right leg...

I'm a girl. I have a pulsating pain in the left side of my groin. I can also feel enlarged lymph nodes in the area where the pain is occuring. My gynocologist said that ther was Gardnerella in the...

Hi. I have a pain at the crease of my leg, located very low in the pelvic region. It is a dull pain, and feels worse at rest. It has lasted on and off for a year now. I have been to the doctor, ...

My wife is 44yrs old and is experiencing lower abdominal pain that radiates from the pelvic area to the rectal area, it also intensifies every so often, what could possibly be wrong with her?

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