Cold and Flu

I'm on my second cold in a month. Very plugged nose especially in bed - lots of blowing & coughing - sometimes a low grade fever never above 99.8

My 3 year old boy has been unwell for around 7 days, flue like symptoms runny nose now has a slight cough but yesterday a a few large red spots appeared on his torso that I thought were heat spots ...

Saturday evening Sept. 3rd. I came down with what I thought was some kind of flu. My daughter and grandkids had been sick the weekend before. I had fever from 101 to 102.5. Headache, body aches,...

I have been having for about 2 weeks a sore neck, a low grade fever and the skin on my feet feel tight. Do I have the flu

I have had fevers, muscle aches, regular toilet stops, fatigue, loss of appetite, wheezing, consistent coughing which i did have green thick phelm coming up now it's a dry cough which is getting wo...

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