Cold and Flu

About a month ago I was given a clinical diagnosis of having the flu (the kid I nanny tested positive and a few days later i developed a cough, fever, body aches). I had a lingering cough and my...

Cold with fever continously for 3 year old from past one month.if she is on antibiotics no fever she is good.once antibiotics is stopped getting fever back again

Hi, My husband has been diagnosed with Q fever, Ross river fever and glandular fever. He has been prescribed doxycycline for the Q fever. How long a recovery time is he looking at?

I got a flu shot 2 days ago, woke up last night with legs uncontrollably shaking and severe ache in opposite arm of injection also possible double vision (was half asleep) woke up this morning feel...

I'm 30 years old with fever and cough. Also a runny nose for the last few days. what should I take?

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