Cold and Flu

What to do if I have a fever of 100.4?

Hello, I often blow my nose at night and seem to be waking up to a bloody tissue every morning or so. I thought it was a wound in my nose or a pimple that popped but now I'm sure its my nose becau...

Hello, was in thailand for 2 weeks, bangkok phuket and the islands of phi phi and krabi, travelled to cambodia by plane stayed in siem reap for a few nights then got a bus to Pnhomh Penh today. Bee...

I've had a fever the past two nights and again just now. Also now experiencing pain in my back, runny nose/a little congestion, and sore throat. I also begin to shiver uncontrollably before I get t...

Cold flu symptoms cramps in my stomach just blew my nose and it's all bloody

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