Colorectal Cancer

Ust had ct scan colon with and without contrast - nver had ct scan before - 56 yesr old female - please tell me about radiation risks - am hoping that they are low and yes everyone speaks of rsiks...

I had surgery back in November 2015 for colon cancer they removed it now I have a lump on the right side of my stomach size of a softball what could that be

Hi, one of my friend is suffering from Adenocarcinoma grade 2 and it is colorectal. Which stage is this and does it require surgery?

My husband has stage IV colon cancer. He is 55. He has been battling cancer for over eight years. He has had seven surgerires, multiple chemos,.radiation therapies, complications etc. He has on...

Do I need to be worried about colon cancer due to slight changes in bathroom habits?

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