My daughter has been complaining of vulvular pain and anal itching. There is no signs of redness or discharge. Could this be due to her constipation?

I am 78 yrs old. My stools become hard and hence difficult to expel. Can I take a 10mg Cremalax tab daily?

My front right front side hurts and I'm not sure why just started today at 9 AM

I have been drinking diet soda about 2 years now and I want to quit drinking it, but everytime I try I become SO badly constipated. I have been told that I am dependant on the bi carb in the soda. ...

My son has chronic Constipation. He is a 30 year old man who suffers from OCD , Generalized Anxiety. and other mental health issues. He takes baclaphin for pain and xanex for anxity. He has bee...

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