Cough during night and not able to sleep.

Last week I seemed to have a nasal infection. I took musinex...seemed mostly better...still had slight runny nose...but fever was gone...for the last few days I have been coughing up blood and blo...

I've been fighting a cold and I took 2 Mucinex FAST Max daytime for severe cold earlier today. Probably around noon. I then took one extra strength Tylenol around 5:30pm. At 8pm this evening I took...

After I sneeze, I see blood in my spit/saliva for about a minute or 2 then it becomes clear. I don't have any cough or anything. Is it dangerous?

I have a bad cough with yellow mucus, causing wheezing shortness of breath which makes it hard to breath. I have bad ear pain which started in my right ear and is now in my left ear, I can't hardly...

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