Achy right shoulder and tip of right index and thumb numb. Blood pressure medication controls BP, insulin resistant, but controlled with two meds Metformin and new addition of Tradjenta and an ant...


I ve been taking metformin and my uribe is dark yellow is the metformin doing that


Hello, I would like to marry a girl, but my father refuses because of the genetic diseases in her family, where the mother is fat and has high blood pressure, diabetes, and her grandmother was the...


I am 36, non-diabetic. i tested sugar level in november 2014. how often i should check ? my parents are alsonon-diabetic


I am a 31-year old female, 130 lbs, and healthy as far as I know. I don't smoke and rarely drink alcohol, although I do drink a lot of soda. I had blood drawn two weeks ago and just received t...

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