Why is it that only my fasting blood sugar is elevated and during the day it remains in the mid 70's, 80's and 90's even after meals. My fasting is always around 100 to 106. I came off a month long...


I am constantly fatigued, have no motivation for anything, and suffer from a vitamin d deficiency. I am also a diabetic, age 25. Are these related?


Doctor my blood sugar levels are in the range of 300+ I am 28years old and i have all the symptoms of Diabetics like vision blurring, headache, boils on the body etc. I havent started any medicatio...


My HBA1c is 6.0 and FBS is 6.23 am I a diabetic or not also give me advise.


Hello Dr. I have diabetes, and uncontrolled high blood pressure. I am a male of 48 years old. I have quite a few sores on my legs and now my calves are slightly swollen and tender and hard. I have ...

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