I've been having bad diarrhea and gnarly stomach cramps. My stool is entirely liquid and a few shades from black. Any suggestions?

I have had diareahha for four days. I had some nausea to begin with but now can't get rid of diarrhea.

My 19 month old granddaughter was a wonderful eater & now she will barely eat anything? I have started giving her some Pediasure for the nutrients, but it seems to give her diarrhea so I am thi...

Hey there, hoping you can help. I have had dhyarrea and a painful stomavh for more than ten days now and i dont jnow what to do. I havr tried immodium but that didnt work. Also, i am currently in ...

I have stomach problems frequent bowels movements, sometimes a cramping diarrhea with burning stomach mostly after I eat , weight loss .I had a colonoscopy and they found diverticulitis, no other...

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