Hello I feel I may have an iron deficiency. I have been lightheaded and dizzy upon standing. I have also been more fatigued than normal. I notice that the dizziness is causing me anxiety as well. M...

I have MRI for my head and got this report. I will see a doctor soon. but untill I do I'd like to know your opinion please.

I cant sleepiness for about 2nights i went to er for dizzyiness and bad headache can that be sign i got posion by carbron moxide

Hello, My wife if 30 years old and from few years she is suffering from frequent shocks of dizziness mostly while travelling car, during sudden change in posture, and if sleeping straight without ...

I am a 44 yr-old female. I tried to get off Pristiq earlier this year. After 8 days of crying at the drop of a hat I went back on. After resuming, I started to have severe anxiety attacks. I ...

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