I am a 56 yr old female who was on Imipramine 75 mg/daily for approx. 28 yrs. Doctor chose to switch me to Lexapro. I have been totally off of Imipramine for 5 months and on Lexapro working up to...

My wife had fever a week back ,we just back from a holiday,she was fine the next day,but my daughter she had an earache she took doxcef and was fine,I also had fever and cough and I took cefiximine...

I took cocaine (not a regular user), I was drunk and silly me took it and I don't know what was in it and etc.. that was over 12 hours ago but I'm feeling sick and panic attakcs and sweating and na...

My dad overdosed on Crestor, took 40mg instead on 5 mg, 3 hours ago. Is it serious enough to go to the ER

Hello, can I take 5mg of diazapam after taking half a gram of cocaine?

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