Got really drunk last night and snorted 9 pills of dexis and smoked a small amount of crack. Will it be safe to take a sleeping pill called doxylamine succinate

Ive taken approx 30 of my wifes 10/325 hydrocodone in 3-4 weeks for a bad tooth. I am now changing jobs and will have a drug test in about 7-10 days. Will it be out of my system? Im 5'6 155lb male

Hi there I tried opiates a couple of times recently and a couple of hours after taking them I went to lie in bed and remember throwing up and feeling nauseous as well as nodding in and out of cons...

Hi, i have taken loads of of overdoses of parocetomol in my past, and use to get treated for it. Now if i take one i dont need treatment???? Am i immune?

Hello, I have been suffering from chronic stomach infection. For treating this, my doctor had prescribed a 7 day course of Norflox TZ to be repeated over a period of 3 months. I felt quite some re...

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