Hi... i took a half of hyrdocodone at 3:00 today. I have a drug test at 3:00 tomorrow. it is for a probation urine test. i think this is the only one i took in 3 days. will i show positive

Can I Take Amoxicillin With Ibuprofen Or Tylenol? I was wondering if I could take these drugs together because I was given amoxicillin by my family doctor for an infection that I have. I hurt my th...

I think my teenager has smoked cannabis tonight, I have ordered a drug test which won't be here for another couple of days. If I take a urine sample tonight will it still provide a true reading in ...

Idk if my panties are to tight or if it's just my body natural way of life, lol, but I always feel like my parties are wet and I go to the bathroom to check to see if it's discharge, and because I ...

I think im overdosing on concerta

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