Ear Infections

1. What do you think is at the root of my problems with my left ear? 2. What is causing the hearing loss? Does the amount of drainage and the drops interfere with hearing? 2. What can be done for...

How to stop my ringing ear and the dull ache and pressure behind the ear drum after it leaves? It started 3 weeks ago and has left and returned 3 times. It will be high pitch then drop to low pitch...

I have a ear infection. I am taking antibiotic and today i decided to pour ear drops inside my war - ciprodex. after dripping the ear drops, my ear immediately became clogged and I can barely hear ...

I used the neti pot with batteries (force) for my nasal, it went straight up and came out the other side. But now I feel like there's water coming out from my left ear? And I can't sleep?

My son had throbbing in his ear. We used ear drops from pharmacy, pain stopped but now he has fluid trapped in his ear.

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