Help, I have had dx of Barrett's Esophagus since 2009, however, two were done at Mayo and they said I did NOT have it at the UW they said I did with NO dysplasis, I have had many biopsies, all nega...

I had endometriosis cystectomy 10 days ago. I need to know what my pathology report says and is it cancer ous? do I need to remove ovary

I had my hysterectomy about 5 years ago today I started to spot a little bit. Should I be concerned. I had Pecos and endometriosis

Why are my old belly button laparoscopy scars bleeding and has pus coming out of it (for about 3 weeks now) My last laparoscopy was about 3 years ago and have had around 10 laparoscopies in the las...

Let me preface this question with the fact that I have endometriosis / PCOS and have been dealing with them since 2006 both on the no period and 3 out of four weeks a month periods. I am in a lesbi...

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