Enlarged Prostate

I have had typical symptoms of enlarged prostate (bph) for several years (frequent urination, some discomfort initiating urination). It has been worse some days than others, hence it hasn't reached...

I have been taking Avodart for over a year, now all of a sudden I am problems with an enlarged prostate, should I continue to take Avodart but double the dosage?

Surgery question. I had problems urinating, possibly due to an enlarged prostate, but could also be something else. I take Flomax (tamsulosin) and it helps. I pee regularly, but the urine flow i...

I am 46 male and am showing clear signs of enlarged prostate; Urge to urinate, but takes a while to come out. Have been constipated and believe I have hemorrhoids as it stings and is enflamed. Ha...

Hello. I have a swollen line from anus to scrotum with the base of the line swollen at the anus. I'm a 25 year old male. Very concerned.

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