I'm an epileptic & My regular Dovtor went on vacation & forget to call in/give me my prescriptions that help my condition..What do I do?

BACKGROUND PATIENT is a 42-year-old female Asian having 4 children - the youngest of which is 14 years of age - with no history of health issues. In SEPTEMBER 2015, a routine PAP smear lead t...

I accidently gave my 2 grandchildren Levetiracetam for seizures (that they no longer need) Instead of the rx tylenol They both seem fine and it has been a couple of hours since they took it. I jus...

My nephew recently started having epileptic seizures. He's 22. Does epilepsy shorten a lifespan? Also will he eventually show other signs of brain problems or trauma?

I have been wearing gas permeable contact lenses without any significant problems. In the last 6 months, everytime i put my contact lenses on- the right lens gets cloudy and it has a film over it ...

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