Erectile Dysfunction

I am 32 years old, weight 69 kg, height-5feet 7 inches and hypertensive..i am taking olmezest 40 mg for primary hypertension for 10 years..can i take kutub 30x while taking olmezest 40 mg..

Erectile dysfunction. could you guide me to clinic or something i live in Seattle

What is more effective 1500 mg of l-arginine daily or 100mg of sildenafil before sexual intercourse

I used a penis pump for the first time. i used it three days in a row for about thirty minuted with breaks in between at pressures of 5 hg. The problem is I didn't know how to realease the pressur...

Dear Doctor, I am a male 23 year-old biology and chemistry graduate with no medical conditions and under no medication. Put simply, I am suffering from low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. ...

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