Eye Health

I'm 58 yr female. Today noticed floater in vision in right eye. Didn't notice til 10:30pm I'm also having flashes of light in same eye. Probably hadn't noticed earlier, as had been in well-lit r...

How can l get rid of puffy eyes large bags under eyes no other symptoms

2 weeks ago a blood vessel burst in my left eye. There was mild discomfort as though the eye was irritated. Blood pressure was very high (167 over something). The urgent care doctor said it was jus...

I have dry eyes. I'm 51 I know it's due to age. I take omega 3 oil. what eyedrops are both preservative free and don't have other unhealthy ingredients?

I noticed my left eye was beginning to sink in more than my right. I did some extensive research and came across Silent Sinus syndrome. I went to my ENT and opthamologist so they can approve me for...

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