Eye Health

Woke up Friday morning with a broken eye blood vessel in my left eye. No pain at the time. No eye trauma. The blood started in the top left corner of my eye and seems to be heading down towards ...

My gf gets puffy eye and a rash around her chin and mouth every time I kiss her or get close to her. I have tried not useing any sops and being completely clean and it still happen. If she sleeps i...

I have a sudden drastic vision issue. I keep seeing glare and faces from far are gone, everything looks so bright that I cannot focus

Can't get contact lens out of eye. It is in my right eye. I have tried wetting it with soluytion and it still won't budge. Starting to get antsy about this. Can you help me?

I'm 58 yr female. Today noticed floater in vision in right eye. Didn't notice til 10:30pm I'm also having flashes of light in same eye. Probably hadn't noticed earlier, as had been in well-lit r...

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