Female Incontinence

My girlfriend showed me a xRay scan of her womb, I really don't believe what she is telling me so I need to show it to a doctor.

So I am a female and I cum. ALOT. When I'm not aroused I will always find a little bit of cum in my underwear. When I am aroused... Even the slightest bit, I instantly cum. It's not even like I c...

I have been on birth control since I was 18 years old. I have been on several different types since for whatever reason, they stop working for me and my OBGYN switches me to something else. My doct...

After an ultrasound, my dr. informed me that I had an unusually small bladder and that there was nothing I could do about constantly needing to urinate. Is this true?

Hello kindly i want to ask a question , an advice and if you can recommend me a respectable doctor i'm 33 years old female , i'm from Egypt that means you may take my questions as a strange thing...

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