Food Poisoning

My baby is throwing up and has bad gas cramps and diarrhea, we went to the emergency room but they sent us home. What could be the cause

After eating a rich meal for dinner, I began to experience an upset stomach. About three hours later, the pain became very very bad and I had a lot of diarrhea. Now the pain and diarrhea are interm...

This afternoon i went to take a sip pf gatorade and i realized after i swallowed it that it smelled a little funny. It didnt taste bad bui i only took one sip and then threw it away. Im terrified i...

I ate spaghetti that sat out for an hour after i made it. Im paranoid ill get food poisoning now. Would i already be sick if i had food poisoning? I ate it at noon today.

Bare with me. I have severe emetophobia (fear of vomiting). OK so yesterday I ate ranch dressing that my boyfriend left out overnight. It was refrigerated beforehand and he used it around 1am afte...

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