Gas or heart problem? Sharp pain when exhaling for 2 minutes, followed by burping and farting.

Hi, my mother is using a Natrilix medication to lower blood pressure and she has to take a diuretic medication (Coversyl) as well as , And she is suffering from permanent gases in the abdomen, whe...

Yesterday i got really bad gas and felt like i had diarrhea but it was just mucus. I went to the bathroom 6-8 times. I sleot through the night but my gut still feels a little off. Its been almost 2...

Do these ultrasound images show signs of gastric ulcers or signs that may cause stomach pain?

I have gastritis and a peptic ulcer. This morning I woke up with stomach pain and diarrhea and a fever of 100.4. It is now 100.22 . Should I seek medical attention?

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