Every morning when I wake up my stomach is hurting i have gas and diarrhea

I have worms in my stool. i think it maybe tapeworm and i think i have had it a long time. 6 days ago i took a single dose of Albendozole 400mg. Today there were a lot of white tube like things in ...

Hi there, I've noticed over the past few weeks/maybe months that I very often have an upset stomach. It's not too bothersome, but it's noticeable. It just doesn't feel entirely right. I've also bee...

Last night I started having chest pain on my right back side and I would get a hot flash when the pain came.. I thought it could be gas pain cus earlier in the day I had stomach pain.. So I took a ...

How can I get rid of painful gas and bloating started yesterday after eating pizza rolls, a boiled egg, canned pineapple and the juice, and coke.

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