Peroid 1 week late. negative HPT, negative blood test at 5 days late. extremly sore breast and enlared nipples. have felt PMS symtoms for the last 10 to 12 days. could I be pregnant?

I'm really worried as I was doing the household cleaning and and after washed my hands. I have a silly habit I suck my thumb then after that I noticed I managed to get bleach on my hands and I thin...

37yo male, 215lbs, non-smoker, no h/o substance abuse, occasional drinker. Unremarkable stress echo in Aug 2015. Dull chest pain, off center right of chest, localized when exercising, occasional pa...

Can you get hepatitis from manual stimulation(fingers)? If yes which one could you catch A B C? Vagina and anal fingering

I have had a dry/air only style cough for about 3 months now. I don't feel sick at all. Its like air is being forced out, very annoying, sometimes I have coughed so much, I gag or have thrown up. I...

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