I smoked medical majuarna and now my throat is very painful What can I do?

I have dark discharge 13 days after my last period started ive had treatment for abnormal smear. First time its happened what is it. Treatment was in the last two years. Im 42

I work in a casino with smokey air and my belly button piercing was feeling itchy- I took it out a few days ago and it seems there is nothing wrong with the piercing- I have had pain around my bell...

Yesterday my right hip was giving me some trouble. This morning I was woken up to both hips in extreme pain, I have taken several doses of Tylenol already as well as applied heat an used my T.E.N....

I've been having these bunch of issues for quite sometimes now but they are really frustrating now. The primary issues are weakness, pain in bones, having an headache all the time, bladder inconti...

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