I am 48 and lately been getting periods every 2 weeks that last for about 2 days. When am I ovulating? This is very strange and was wondering the cause of it

Do I have bleach poisoning? I have been an avid user of bleach since I had c-diff in 2014, excessively to the point where I am seeking help with OCD (clean inside car bleach, house, etc, use hospit...

Had stomach pain and diarrhea yesterday. Now pain is gone but woke up this morning retching - all the motions of vomiting but nothing comes out. Right now that too seems to have subsided and I'm ...

Helllo I have question about an issue I have

My mom had internal fixation performed end of June and ever since, she's had complications with the incision on her foot. The wound never really healed or closed up. She recently got a 2nd opinion...

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