What blood test will detect toxins like plastic materials in dental teeth fillings in bloodstream?

Im a female 5'4 150 and i have GERD. I was recently in a situation where i had an alcohol beverage-equivelent to a shot glass size- and about 2 hrs later due to nerves, i had gotten expelled the co...

I'm wondering if I have the stomach flu or if it is something else that requires an appointment with a doctor

I feel acid reflux since October 2014. I drank medicine for 1 month but still, nothing happens. It always come back. Today, I feel an upper middle abdominal pain. Also, I feel nauseous every mornin...

Hi, I'm 34 and overweight. For many months I've been experiencing a constant runny nose. I spit up a lot and it seems the spit also goes through my nose? I'm not so sure what it is? It as always ve...

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