What is gout,how and why does gout occur. what are the signs and symptoms of gout. what is the treatment for gout and what is the patient outcome with treatment

Hi, I am 40 year old male, I am probably 10-15 lbs over my ideal weight weight when I was in my twenties. I like to drink beer and my Uric acid levels range from 7 to 8 when I have my yearly physi...

I have a bump on my big toe, and I don't know what it is. I recently started running 3 miles a day, and now soon after, i got this bump on my big toe. I showed me mom and she thinks that it's a bli...

Just out of hospital. Had acute kidney failure, K level of 2.0, severe gout /w uric acid level of 15. Had a witnessed seizure and started on Keppra. Now have severe fluid retention. How do I get ...

My tailbone is hurting I have a ball with a lot of pressure and I don't know why so what should I do

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