Hi, I am 40 year old male, I am probably 10-15 lbs over my ideal weight weight when I was in my twenties. I like to drink beer and my Uric acid levels range from 7 to 8 when I have my yearly physi...

I have a bump on my big toe, and I don't know what it is. I recently started running 3 miles a day, and now soon after, i got this bump on my big toe. I showed me mom and she thinks that it's a bli...

Just out of hospital. Had acute kidney failure, K level of 2.0, severe gout /w uric acid level of 15. Had a witnessed seizure and started on Keppra. Now have severe fluid retention. How do I get ...

My tailbone is hurting I have a ball with a lot of pressure and I don't know why so what should I do

How to prevent gout attack? For 3wks, my husband already have 3 gout attacks (foot, left arm and knee respectively). He's been taking lemon water when this occurs.

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