Graves Disease

How can I be diagnosis with Graves disease when my symptoms all show Hypothyroidism?

Hyperthyroid, possible graves. Haven't seen specialist yet. symptoms better after thyroid uptake scan. 24.2 hour uptake is 81.24 % 3.8 hour is 53.25% no goiter, possible tiny nodule. can t...

Doctor ,I have been diagnosed with overactive thyroid and i dont want the radioactive treatment if i dont have to. My doctor is treating me with tapozole, i was on 2 a day then 3 and now st...

I have had numbness in my finger tips(on the fingerprint side) for about the last 10 or 14 days and I am real worried. Heart disease runs in my imdate family parents and siblings.

Hello As recently as last Friday, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. My doctor said that the endocronologist has confirmed that I do have the disease, via blood work for T3 and t4. She tel...

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