Head Lice

Hi, my husband has been battling chronic folliculitis of the scalp for years now. Constant painful red bumps. We have been to several dermatologists and he has been on many rounds of different an...

I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Clozapine. I am feeling a urge to "snap my head". It's abnormal movements on the head. What should I do? Will it pass normally?

A few minutes ago i had a slight zing in my head not very painful but just enought to cause me to jump and reach up to my head. It was in the left front area.

Hi, I have bugs in my hair they've been bothering both me and my mom for almost 4months, they have similar features to headlice however they can be black/yellow when on the comb, they lay loads of ...

I've had an itchy scalp for a while now & my boyfriend has also developed some itchiness too. I'm a nurse & familiar with how head lice/eggs look but I have thoroughly checked both of us an...

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