Head Lice

Hi, my husband has been battling chronic folliculitis of the scalp for years now. Constant painful red bumps. We have been to several dermatologists and he has been on many rounds of different an...

I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Clozapine. I am feeling a urge to "snap my head". It's abnormal movements on the head. What should I do? Will it pass normally?

A few minutes ago i had a slight zing in my head not very painful but just enought to cause me to jump and reach up to my head. It was in the left front area.

I have these sore on my head, that itches like crazy. I dont think its headlice because my husband doesnt have it. However, I did wash my hair with a antibactorial Dial soap and then washed it w...

How can a child have lice eggs for a month and never a bug even after being treated twice?

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