Healthy Aging

Are chances slim to none that someone would develop a blood clot while taking Elliquis?

This morning I fell while out walking my dog. My head hit the cement - over my right eye - my eyebrow bone. I did not lose consciousness - I was just startled. There is no swelling. I am 60 years o...

I am a 68 year old male and I just had my annual physical. My hemoglobin level was 134 (Canadian) which was one point under the normal range for the lab. Last year my hemoglobin was 154. I am going...

My father was prescribed Seroquel and Clonazepam, 14 years ago, to help him sleep, 4 years ago started to have difficulties walking, started Parkinsom medication while continue sleeping pills, saw ...

If a 68yo male with a non-addictive personality takes .05mg of Lorazepam daily, are there any long-term consequences?

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