Healthy Aging

I have been drinking 1 energy drink (red bull) a day for the past 6 years. I am planning to try and quit tomorrow. 1) Should i quit cold turkey 2) Are there medical test i should follow regularly...

What does it mean when your toes are swollen on one foot? Several months ago, I noticed that my toes were swollen at the ends at the end of the day. Now they are like that all of the time and are a...

Hi, I am 24 years old had a routine physical 8 months ago and my blood level sodium was 135, should I be concerned that it is right on the borderline of being low? My doctor says no need to worry.

I will be moving from Georgia to Florida later this summer and I now NOBODY down there. I will be looking for a new doctor, among many other things. I am 64 years old in very good health. I am a...

I have been having heel foot pain for several weeks now. I have arthritis. I have bought new shoes but still have it. I stand on my feet all day at my job.

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