Heart Disease

How does ischaemic and hypertensive heart disease cause sudden and unexpected death with no prior warning?

My grandma is nauseous, she was in the hospital for a week, they ran all kinds of tests without finding anything. I feel like she is taking too many medications and wanted to get another perspectiv...

Hi, so I've been fine almost all day but I've been around people who were smoking Marijuana. Now, all of a sudden I can't sleep, I'm having heart palpitations, dry mouth and shaking hands. Is thi...

I have a history of palpitations, which have gotten worse. In August of 2015, I had a bout of tachycardia. My PCP had put me on a holter monitor prior to that, which found PVCs, PACs, 1st Degree ...

I noticed a line on my earlob but its not 45 degrees is this the one related to the heart

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