Heart Disease

I would like a cardiologist to answer this question Male, 26 Medication:

 Hello I hope you can help me and hopefully put my mind a rest. At the moment I am looking to take an older an...

Hi I am currently on medication for tachycardia and have had problems with chest pains and palpitations for years. The last hour or so I have been getting a feeling of dizziness and feels like my h...

Hello, my mom (age 54) had Bypass Surgery on September 20th 2016. Surgery is successful and she is recovering now. Only concern is her wound is still red at some places and there is oozing at some ...

I've been having bad cardiac symptoms and I think I have an AV block. I went to the ER and they said the ekg was normal. If I had a block, would it have shown up on the ekg?

Q: Hi, In 2008 I had suspected endocarditis ( wasn't given any treatment) then I had an echo and the results came back clear and the echo was normal. I then had an echo in 2016 where I was told I ...

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