Heart Failure

My ejection fraction level was 40 to 45 percent. I am seeing a cardiologist on the 24th of Oct. I am scared and concerned. Is this the start of heart failure? Can my numbers drop quickly? Do I need...

I had a heart attack in 2014. Today, I had a pulse rate 190-199 for approximately 40 minutes. The blood pressure was at it's highest, 194/165 & the lowest 140/116 taken in 10 minute intervals. I w...

I'm not sure if i have heart failure or anxiety but i felt i have a heart attack after some hours by ejaculation last week. I have worse concentration, i usually ignore pain every ejaculation. Prev...

I have congestive heart failure and have been coughing more than usual..should i be concerned?

Vibration and gurgling left side of chest with my heart beat?

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