Heart Health

I recently was cardioverted with adenosine for the first time. In the summer I usually live in a remote area which is 20 minutes from a very small community health centre including ems and 1.5 hou...

Wake up with severe chest pain everyday after scary dreams.Have had five stents in heart in 2006 no problems.Just the last few days get up having pain .Had ECG all fine please help

Can you explain in layman's terms my echo report? I will not be able to see the cardiologist for some time and I'm concerned when comparing my results to an echo done Ibaby 2010.

I was having dinner or tying to eat and I experienced heartburn and broke a sweat. When I went outside I felt better going for some fresh air. I'm 51 and heart disease runs in my family. I am t...

I'm very anxious and recently I've done a stress test on a treadmill (ELLESTAD) that lasted about 02:40 seconds. The reason the exercise was stopped was because I've entered the treadmill 133bpm an...

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