Heat Rash

I have a red area on the tip of her nose that is tender and feels like it could maybe be a zit. Is this http://imgur.com/a/cZBdo Actinic Keratosis or something else? I am 25 year old female with an...

I have knots in my shoulders and neck and they are tense. My arms also feel heavy and achy. Is this because of my knots in my shoulders? Is it normal to feel it in your arms when your shoulders are...

I think I have heat rash, but I have had it for a week now and not sure if I need to worry. It itches and I am keeping cool so why won't it go away?

How do I get rid of swelling from what I think is a fever blister on my lip?

I have got a rash on my head, its quite frequent, it appears and dissappears after sometime, only to reappear again.

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