Patient is 60 years old male. left-sided stroke, 6 days back. CT-BRAIN: Large hypo-dense area seen predominantly in right frontoparietal lobe involving the right MCA and ACA territory with asso...

Sometimes, the heat starts from the stomach, the chest, the throat or the waist region and radiates all through the body. feel very hot from inside but have a normal temperature outside the body (...

Hi. My father passed away yesterday. He was a heart patient but he was fine till a day before the incident. He had no trouble whatsoever. At 3am he started vomitting a lot. All white liquid. Af...

I keep getting sharp pains in the center of my chest that come and go. and sometimes happen when i breathe in, is there something wrong?

What is the typical treatment conducted on a person who is experiencing a heat stroke? EDIT: For example what do they do to a person in the hospital?

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