Hi doctor, please can you take a look at the attached photo. Am I correct in thinking this is a mild bleeding hemorrhoid with accompanying small tear/cut?

Are external hemorrhoids in the form of small bumps around the anus inside the butt cheeks?

Blood in stool. How do I tell if its a hemorrhoid or a result of my gastritis getting worse.

I have an IGG score of 1871, IGA of 52, and IGM of 25. Iron is 32 and Ferritin is 188. Seeing a hematologist. Diagnosed with chronic lyme and bartonella-which I think has subsided. CBC some abnorm...

I am a 32 year old male in otherwise healthy condition. I noticed that my skin around anus feels weird and possibly a lump... no pain,no bleeding ... may be a light itching.bowel movement is normal...

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