Can I send you my lab report? I would like to send you my recent lab results because I have a few results that are low and a few that are high. I would like your opinion on what my results mean.

My husband has an SGPT result of 2,272 it is quite very high, he is confined right now. The cause of this is he has accute HEPA B , he is taking antibiotics. My question is since the cause of this ...

My liver is enlarged and my WBC is elevated. My blood work showed my ALT as 165 with a range of 0-44 and my AST as 86 with a range of 0-40. And I have had a fever for the past couple days. My fever...

Can you get hepatitis c from a patient who is on medication that scratched you?

Yesterday i had a small cut on my foot finger and today there was no bleedng visible to me . and today i used a towel of my friend over that so i wanna ask could that cause any viral infection like...

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