I have hepatitis C I was given fenofibrate by my doctor for high triglycerides is it safe for me to take


Hello, I have just had a blood test to check if my Hep B vaccine has worked for my nursing course and have discovered that none of the vaccines I have had in my life have ever worked. None. Doctors...


Good day Doctor .I have been diagnosed of Hepatitis B.Test value 19.98 and ref range negative less than 0.13 and positive greater than 0.13.What can I do to get appropriate treatment to make me te...


So i have not posted a question before but I am curious. For the past month or two i have been feeling an occasional pressure in my liver area, not painful, and not all the time, but definitely som...


Is it possible to exhibit the flu-like symptoms of hepatitis C after 3 days since exposure?

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