My nine weeks old son has a groin hernia we are waiting for surgery on. Tonight he is very bloated, passing s lot of wind and hasn't pooed in 36 hours. He has just moved from combination feeding to...

Pls help ASAP. My mother's urine had huge amount of blood in it today morning. She is 65 and only medical condition is hernia since I was born 26 years ago. She is having no pain. Pls help

Hello, I have just been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, I am 24 years old and its playing on my mind. Do I have to stop lifting weights at the gym? And what are the chances of it getting bigger and...

Unable to see a surgeon for several weeks and am concerned about this ct scan report 43yo patient with right lateral abdominal pain. Dr wanted to rule out a hernia so had a had an abdominal ct F...

Hi i had a hernia operation about 5 months ago, i am booked for a bungee jump and i was wonderin if that ok to do or not? Thanks Rif

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