I received my lab results from labcorp hsv 1 and 2 - specific Ab, I gG . My results read HSV 1 I gG >62.20 and HSV 2

Do I have herpes in my urethra or herpes at all? Or do I have another kind of Std from one risky sexual encounter.

Good afternoon. I am little nervous about a week ago i received oral from a girl and kissed her i had just met ahe told me she was safe but two days later i started to get a sore throat headache sl...

I simply want to know if what I have is herpes, the symptoms are as below listed

I was diagnosed with herpes at age 21 (the cold sore type) and it was a BAD outbreak - it covered my entire tongue and inside of mouth - the e.r. had to assist me (the pain was unlike anything I ha...

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