High Blood Pressure

I am a 69 year old woman and have suffered from a lack of iron all my life. I do not take regular medicine but every two or three months I feel dizzy and take iron tablets for two days, and also e...

I have an issue when I rub and massage my elbow I get a tingling sensation in my pinky and ring finger

What is the connection - haertburn and blood pressure and total filling of discomfort in the chest area and stomac area ?

I have a question regarding normal Blood Pressure. First I would like to say that I have generalized anxiety disorder and occasionally suffer from panic attacks. I also have a heart murmur and have...

I'm a 37 year old male and I have anxiety disorder. During times of anxiety my BP can go up to as high as 176 over 121 with a pulse of 156. This is the highest reading noted. My concern is that du...

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