Are these hives? What kind of doctor should I see? What kind of tests should I ask for?

I'm pretty worried. I've been broken out in hives for near 30 hours now. I thought it was from some crab I ate though I was never allergic before but I also got a tattoo on last Thursday (4 days a...

I've been breaking out in hives since last night. I took benadryl once and they cleared up. They came back 4 hours later and I took benadryl again and they cleared up again. I woke up this morning ...

A few hours ago I started breaking out in hives, assuming it's from some crab I ate though I didn't realize I may be allergic. I'm still breaking out in hives but took some benadryl. Should I worry...

Hives after drinking alcohol, overweight, suffocation during the sleep, burning tears, loss of libido, trouble sleeping during the night

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