Hot Flashes

Is it normal to have hot flashes and feel hot during pms?

My hips hurt every 5 seconds i have pain flashes every 5 seconds in my left hips

Doctor I have had hot flushes, heart palpitations bad sleep sweating at night, hot flush when I eat no period for 7 weeks had test for premenopausal they say it wasn't that, can't cope with sweats ...

Hi my boyfriend is 22 and loves spicy foods. Over the past week he's noticed every time he eats something spicy he starts feeling really ikky like he's getting nauseous. Any idea? He's not on any m...

Hi, i am 35 year old. I have some symptoms like hot flashes and headache before my period. its been a few years but recently got worse with back pain, fatigue, excessive saliva and lose bowel movem...

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