Hi, I recently did a blood test and am worried about my calcium level. My calcium level was 2.70 mmol/L and corrected calcium is 2.58 mmol/L, with Albumin been 49. The only blood test I have...

I have been on methimazole 5mg 3 times a day for 5 months now. Today I am not sure but I believe I took 2 at once making it 4 times a day. Should I be concerned for this

Can I ride a roller coaster if I have a hyperthyroidism? I have been positively diagnosed and i have a trip to toronto by may 2nd to ride roller coasters. Is that safe with my really high heart rate?

Should I be put on medication for low t4 levels in my blood work?

Have a failing thyroid what does this mean for me? Is there treatment?

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