My partner and I are at a stand still. She has several medical issues. First she has hyperthyroidism and it has affected her heart. She take meds for those and she also take blood thinner. I have s...


I have a high metabolism and I want to gain weight but it's very hard for me.i was wondering if you could help me.


I have a thyroid disease and nothing seems to be working. My medicine isn't working and they've raised my dosage and my neck is swollen and I can't eat because my throat is hurting really bad. Can ...


I had an early pregnancy loss on 1/22/15 . On 2/2/15 I suffered from an episode of PVC's and went to an ER. The ER did blood work revealed my potassium was low (3.0). I increased potassium in my di...


Hi doctor! I am 24yrs old. I noticed like 4months ago that my hands shake,I get tired easily,I feel heavy arnd my eyes and lightheaded with headache sometimes. Plz what could this be?? Thank you!

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