Several small nodular opaccities are present in both lungs.Further evakuatiin with CT thorax is recommended to exclude mitotic etiology.


Is it safe to masturbate while being treated for epidydimitis?


A paper cut from 2 days ago is now inflamed and a red streak is running down from the cut over my palm and fading out around my wrist. I have it now bandaged but I'm wondering if I should go to the...


Woman. 39 years old. Russia. She had tuberculosis. She had some improvments in her health and left the hospital. But after some time, she got high temperature ( 39, 5 ) and it lasts 1 month. She ...


Hello sir I am 20 year old having epigastric pain early in the morning before going to toilet ,sticky stool,lower back middle pain ,loss of appetite , unfortunately I did homosex anal oral contact ...

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