Insect Bites

I think I got stung when I was taking a walk in the park last Thursday. My Shin down to my foot is swollen. I have taken some painkillers that have helped with the pain but the swelling is still th...

Hello, I have a question regarding Lyme disease from a tick bite. Recently after mowing my lawn (which is in a wooded area with a very large deer population), I developed several distinct red bite ...

I became ill 2 days ago. I visited the doctor today . I think I was bitten by a spider as I woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in the back of my head. The doctor said I had an insect bi...

My 4 year old has a bite on her index finger. It is by her nail bed and is hard to decipher what type of bite it maybe. It is swollen and sore to the touch. Dont want to delay if it is a spider bite.

Hives or Bed Bug Bites? Today, I've gotten about 4 itchy bumps on me. At first i thought they were hives, but this one bite had a lot of red dots around it. im confused. i need some help.

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