Good morning. After a two-month of treatment with xanax 1 mg / day (cure about poor sleep or not sleep at all) , I continued to take a pill (0,5 mg) once or twice in a month due to difficulty in sl...

Is it safe for someone to mix .5mg of xanax, 25mg of seroquil and 10mg of ambien(its not the extended release) if i could get an answer asap it would be greatly appreciated

Is it safe for people with congestive heart failure and diabetes to use the zzzquil sleep aid?

I took 30mgs of temazepam for sleep 6 hours ago. It did nothing but slightly relax me for around 2 hours. Is it safe to take more now and if so should I increase dosage? I have had problems with in...

I get overheated feet at night, & can't sleep. I am up most of the night trying to cool my feet off, so far I have tried: Running cold water over feet, keeping feet outside covers & putting...

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