My medical test report show following bilirubin values: S. Total bilirubin: 2 S. Direct bilirubin:1.0 S. Bilirubin (indirect): 1.0 These are elevated values. What could t mean?

I'm showing signs of jaundice,my urine is dark yellow my skin and eyes have yellow tint my stool goes from dark grey to lite grey ,no stomach discomfort other then being upset from time to time and...

Does jaundice cover the whole eye and both eyes? Could it just be on the sides of the eye when I roll my eye all the way left or right?

I have very high SGOT level as 2200+ and SGPT around 1200. What does it indicate?

I had an ERCP on 03/20/15 with elevated LFT results. 03/21/15: AST: 755 ALT: 782 Alk Phos: 124 Total Bilirubin: 4.2 Bilibrubin Direct: 3.0 03/23/15 AST: 185 ALT 565 Alk phos: 150 Bili...

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