Jock Itch

I have a couple of odd things happening I have an itchy anus not all the time just occasionally and feels more like there a little bug crawling around the opening. There is no pain during going ...

I just had unprotected sex, and while engaging in it my penis began to itch. Afterwards I noticed a couple reddish looking spots on my penis had formed. I'm not sure if this is a STD or from me sca...

I have a rash under my left breast that is itching like crazy. I have a picture I would like to send

I have a family member who has been itching intensely for about a year. She says she feels tiny bugs crawling in her, esp in her hair, and esp at night. Her husband has slept in another room for ye...

Hi I have some sort of spots like on my buttocks they are itchy what could this be ?

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