Kidney Failure

55 year old female having kidney failure, suspected HIV but lots of details which I can provide

Hello! My Mother Passed away recently at 96.7. I have paid $16k in Fees for Autopsy and Toxicology Reports 6 months ago BUT have no Reports . . . I "suspect" that the Cause of Death was Kidney ...

I'm a 25 year old female with type 1 diabetics I'm in kidney failed and need a double transplant kidney and pancreas if I choose to have both will I not to be able to have a child one day I've aske...

23 F Kidney Failure On Dialysis for a year and on BP med. Had UP sex, wants to take morning after pill

In my six year old sons DTAP RENEL SCAN show no functioning in right kidney. It shows a healthy left kidney with mild outflow resistance. In A previous ultrasound doctor suggested moderate to mar...

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