Kidney Infection

Im having kidney pain and painful urination after having a kidney stone last month and im wonder what is going on.

I am 15 year old male and for 12 days i was not able to pee properly .i was only able to pee at morning and urine is yellow .i drink a lot of water but the problem still exists.i feel heaviness in ...

Hi! I have microscopic non-hemolysis blood in my urine when using a dipstick. This has been going on and off for the last few months. What could cause this? I don't have a UTI. Thanks

What is bladder mucosal irregularity? Is it related to polycystic kidney disease?

My grandmother is suffering from kidney tumor, it has spread through the lymphatic system to one nearby lymph node; or, i dont know much about medical. We took her to hospital doctors said we w...

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