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Knee Pain

I am turning 23 within a month and starting to have knee pain in my right knee. I drink every single night, about 15 beers every night (only at night after 10 pm), and drink about a gallon of water...


I injured my knee about 3 years ago and when i got it looked at originally all they could tell me was that it was inflamed on the inside, along with bruising and pain. so i went on crutches and a s...


I have been having a sharp burning sensation on the outside of my right knee when I kneel for the last 3 weeks. It is excrutiating. I am also noticing it is burning sometime randomly throughout t...


After running I suffer from knee pains right below my kneecap. I believe I have a hereditary knee condition since my knees usually almost always either somewhat hurt or hurt a lot. Also, most peopl...


Hi I have really bad Osgood schallter.Can I push my Osgood schallter bump back into my knee

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