Knee Pain

I fell and hit my knee cap on my door frame. What kind of damage could I have done to my knee? Its weak and painful at times to walk and its been about 3 weeks since the fall

My girlfriend fell and injured her knee. She thought it would just heal on it's own. After three weeks it seemed to get worse; at least the pain did. So, I took her to the hospital. They did an xra...

I was playing soccer and when i was about sprinting i think i couldnt land properly and my knee I dunno if got twisted but then when happened i couldnt jog or run so i stop playing the soccer ........

I have been having these painful shooting pains from my ankle to my knee for a long time now... What's going on?

Doctor on 30 June I had knee patellar tendon sugery I was told I could put weight it as tolerated wearing a locked brace. I have been doing this but today I noticed that sometime my knew woul...

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