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Knee Pain

Over 2 weeks ago I tripped and wrenched my knee. I have a possible meniscus tear and a sprained MCL. I am waiting for a MRI hopefully next week. I have been having persistent sciatic pain for t...


I had a partial meniscectomy for a large tear to the posterior horn of my medial meniscus 1 month ago. I saw my orthopedist 3 weeks after the surgery and all was progressing satisfactorily..my kne...


My one knee hurts when I am sitting, standing, rollover in bed, elevate my leg with it bent at the knee. I also have a numbness at times. This has been going on for about 10 days?


Doctor I suffered a injury from a fall to my knee on 4 May. An Xray was taken and the result were nothing broken or abnormal and the ER doctor called it a knee contusion. Later in the month I ...


Sometimes when I bend my knee or when i sit cross legged my right knee feels kinda like something slips out of place and it wont allow me to unbend my knee. If I sit back down in the position that ...

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