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Knee Pain

My right knee is experiencing serious swelling and I am having difficulty bending it. The meniscus is gone in that knee. I also have lots of clicking and popping when I been the knee or am engag...


I used to play regular basketball at the varsity level until 2 years ago along with short term hiking (one/two day hikes) during the year. Have noticed incessant pain concentrated in the back and o...


Hi im 16 and play flagfootball for my school. Two weeks ago i dove repetitively in one game,I only ever felt the pain in one knee. When i got home my knee was swollen and my leg was bruised from th...


Today, I was walking a lot around my college campus, during the end of the day, my knee started to hurt whenever I bend it. I'm not an athlete. So what should I do?


6 months ago I had an accident where I hit my left knee relatively hard against a blunt piece of metal. The area was just below my knee cap and below my patella tendon as well. The area swelled up...

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