Knee Replacement Surgery

Im in desperate need of acl surgery and a meniscus surgery in the same leg, i would be 7 weeks pregnant at the time of the surgery. Would it be okay for my baby?

Hi I had these test done and my dr is out of town for a week. Can you tell me what this all means.

Is it normal for confusion after an operation to last for four days? My father recently underwent two surgeries in less than 48 hours as a result of a complication from his initial surgery. He was ...

My daughter is 4 months old and my doctor said she need to wait till 8 months to make a surgery for the hips what should I do?

Previous question reference I'd 461978.... i definitely would like the previous doctor who reviewed my previous question to review this, about my broken arm. today we made x ray, it is day 44 after...

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