Lactose Intolerance

Dear Doctor, My 21 month old boy has had soft stools for the past month. It usually happen once a day or less. At first I put it down to teething (2 molars coming up) but I think it's been going ...

I am 14 and wondering if I possibly am a little lactose intolerant. I can eat cheese, milk, and most yogurt, but if I eat cream (whipped, half and half, any), and especialy ice cream I have severe...

For the past six months I am facing problems while consuming any milk products. I get burps for an hour when I take them. When it is consumed in empty stomach, I get irritation in chest and then f...

I wanna now if its possible that a have lactose intalerance. I just drank a huge class of milk and i'am feeling bloated. I'am only 14 is it possible that it starts just like that at a young age?

What are some foods I can eat without lactose for my daily calcium?

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