Could I get a percription for perdisodne for my largantisis this is the second time I gotten this because I work with kids in a home daycare.

Hello, I'm 21 years old, male, 5.5 feet, I weight 192lbs and I smoke around 20 cigarettes a day. My throat is slighty sore and I have light pain (especially when deep inhaling and coughing) on th...

Do i have laryngitis? It' been happening for 3 days so far. At first i didn't have a temp but now i do. I have a tight felling in the front of the neck as well as my tongue feels very weak and it's...

Should it hurt to drink with laryngitis. Everything i drink it burns and i choke

I have laryngitis and I need my voice back fast. It's due to a viral infection. How can I reduce the inflammation in my larynx and vocal cords to get my voice back? How can I remove excess mucus fr...

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